On this website we have a lot of advices on how you can save money when you are buying food or when you are going to shop. But also how you can handle your school material so you can both earn money and buy things for a cheaper price. We also describe how you can do 3 different budgets that fits perfect for a youth who doesn`t earn so much money. It is very common that you get a job when you are a youth or a student but it is unfortunately not that many that knows how to write a CV or a personal letter, but we have the right answer for you.

When you have become old enough to have a income  you got to start save money and on our website there is many different ways on how you can do that. We also give examples on different tools you can use to save and earn  money when you are buying things. We give tips on different memberships cards, discounts and coupons that is guaranteed to improve your saving.